Executive Committee



The NATCO Executive Committee comprises of members drawn from all parts of the country who are elected democratically through an open and systematic election process. The election takes place once every two years.

The Executive Committee consists of a President, a Vice President, Secretary and a Treasurer. In addition the country is divided into 5 zones – North, South, East, West and Central – and each zone has two Executive Committee Members who oversee the activities of their zone.

Ms. Pallavi Kumar
Vice President
Dr. Amit Joshi
Ms. Vrinda Pusalkar
Joint Secretary
Ms. Priti Jain
Ms. Jasmeet Kaur
EC Member East
Laishram Monica Devi
EC Member East
Capt. V M Swamy
EC Member West
Ms. Veena Wathore
EC Member West
Ms. Mayuri Barge
EC Member Central
Mr. Vishok N
EC Member Central
Dr. Rajan Singh
EC Member North
Mr. Navdeep Bansal
EC Member North
Ms. Sukhvinder Lal
EC Member South
Ms. Lijamol Joseph
EC Member South
Dr. Bhanu Chandra

14th Annual Conference of NATCO

31st Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Organ Transplantation, ISOT 2021 Kochi, October 9-10 (Saturday and Sunday)