Swamy Narayanan was the son of Lalitha Raghuram, Country Director of MOHAN Foundation. Both she and her husband Raghuram have championed the cause of organ donation since 2001.

Following a tragic road accident on 13th January 2004, Swamy was declared brain dead. While Raghuram and Lalitha were already working for the cause of organ donation, this accident came as a bolt out of the blue. However , the couple demonstrated exemplary courage and conviction by donation Swamy's Organs, theyby giving a new lease of life to five patients.

In 2009, CNN IBN recognised their selfless service and honoured them with the CNN IBN's "Real Heroes" Award, wherein they received a trophy and a cash award of INR 5 Lakhs. They donated the amount to MOHAN Foundation from which an endowment has been created to recognise the Best Transplant Coordinator each year. This was the genesis for the "Swamy Narayan Best Transplant Coordinator Award." Several Transplant Coordinators from across the country have received the ward since 2010.

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